Circle of Life Poker

The oh-so-slight chill in the air as I take Elton for his morning walk signals the coming of fall.  The change in seasons brings such joys as pumpkin flavoring in coffee, donuts, and all sweet snacks, sweater dresses that hide the extra pounds resulting from the pumpkin flavored junk food, and not needing to shave one’s legs for weeks on end, because I can wear leggings again and no one wants to hit on a fat girl with pumpkin breath in an ill-fitting sweater dress anyway.
This fall brings other life landmarks as well.  Neal just turned 30 (going on 13) and is discussing a more age-appropriate fashion line with his personal tailor.  I guess three-piece suits and pocket squares are a little too juvenile for this distinguished gentleman.
And as always, fall brings in a changeover in the clerk crew.  We are all hoping to see some new faces, and so far it’s been happening.  Let’s keep this momentum going.
We still have kraft mac and cheese on the menu for the hungry poker players tonight, and let’s class that cuisine up with some box wine.  The Goodman house recently acquired several new sets of wine glasses, and we need a bunch of thirsty patent dorks to test them out.
Let’s try to start the process at 7:30, so we can deal that first hand by 8:00.  For you new people, it’s a $10 buy-in cash game at [——–].  You don’t need to know how to play, you just need to know how to drink box wine and complain about Dolin.  If you don’t know who Dolin is, don’t worry.  Once you meet him, the complaining will just come naturally.

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