With the Goodman house residents already out of town for the holiday, and everyone else soon to be on their way, poker isn’t really in the cards tonight.  It’s in our hearts.  (See what I did there?  That was at least a triple pun.  Judge Lourie eat your heart out.)
Yes, on the day of thanks let us be grateful for another year of friendship and camaraderie, a chance to meet new colleagues and stay in touch with the old ones, and at $10 an evening, the cheapest source of entertainment in DC.  But our weekly poker gathering is about so much more than mocking Dolin and taking Damon’s money.  It’s also about mocking Damon and taking Dolin’s money.
Even as a vegetarian, I still love the fact that on one day a year, everyone in this country, coastal and heartland, rich and poor, eats basically the same meal for basically the same reasons.  It’s like Michael raised “America,” and just once, everyone called it. (“America” is a bet of $1.60, consisting of one red, one white, and one blue chip.)
Safe travels everyone, and we will see you all next week.

Random Pop Culture Poker

I had the rest of my year all planned out.  Steady 9-5 trial prep every day leading up to the first two weeks in December, reaching my billing quota at trial, and then spending the final two weeks on a beach.  But yesterday, the unthinkable happened, and as a result none of the foregoing greatness shall come to pass.  We won on summary judgement.  Dammit.  Now I have nothing to do all day…
So did you know that Bradley Cooper from “The Hangover” was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive?  I wholeheartedly join that opinion.  I’ve been reading all about him.  He is single, 36, loves to cook dinner, rides a motorcycle, and speaks fluent French!  If only I had known all this last week, I could have invited him to Fondue poker!  But alas I was not able to spend all day browsing the internets back then.
When he was informed that he won the sexy man competition Bradley was quoted as saying, “I think it’s really cool that a guy who doesn’t look like a model can have this [title].”  Which of course begs the question, WHY THE HELL DO MODELS NOT LOOK MORE LIKE BRADLEY COOPER???
Anyway, by the time poker rolls around, I iwll be so well versed in the latest reportings of the popular media, that I could host a trivia game.  Which of course begs the question, why not host a trivia game?  Let’s see how well-versed our poker players are in current events!  There will probably be some poker happening too, so bring your $10 buy-in, snacks, and some drink to share.
The barrage of fun facts starts at 7:30.  Please RSVP (with your favorite current event nugget) so I know how many rounds of questions to come up with.
Cast member Bradley Cooper waves at the premiere of the movie ''All About Steve'' at the Mann Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California August 26, 2009. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni


That’s French for poker.
As promised, we are having a super special theme poker to make up for the fact that I bailed on everyone last week.  And what could be a more appropriate 180-degree reversal from 3 hours of songs about the glory of America?  That’s right!  Frenchness!
So grab some french bread, french wine, french fries, and head over to maison Goodman where the fondue set will be gently warming in the salle à manger while the iPod joue la musique de “Ratatouille” soundtrack.  A snooty aire of superiority and the lingering smells of cigarette smoke are a festive plus.  Unfortunately I’m not good enough at math to accept buy-ins in Euros, so please bring 10 American dollars.  You can be smug about the favorable exchange rate, though.
Let’s try to get quorum around 7:30.  The fondue pot hits the warmer at 8pm sharp, so come affamé for melted fromage.
Répondez s’il vous plaît!  That’s what RSVP really means, so it’s already Frenchified.  All the more reason you should do it.
(Dolin n’est pas invité.)