That’s French for poker.
As promised, we are having a super special theme poker to make up for the fact that I bailed on everyone last week.  And what could be a more appropriate 180-degree reversal from 3 hours of songs about the glory of America?  That’s right!  Frenchness!
So grab some french bread, french wine, french fries, and head over to maison Goodman where the fondue set will be gently warming in the salle à manger while the iPod joue la musique de “Ratatouille” soundtrack.  A snooty aire of superiority and the lingering smells of cigarette smoke are a festive plus.  Unfortunately I’m not good enough at math to accept buy-ins in Euros, so please bring 10 American dollars.  You can be smug about the favorable exchange rate, though.
Let’s try to get quorum around 7:30.  The fondue pot hits the warmer at 8pm sharp, so come affamé for melted fromage.
Répondez s’il vous plaît!  That’s what RSVP really means, so it’s already Frenchified.  All the more reason you should do it.
(Dolin n’est pas invité.)

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