With the Goodman house residents already out of town for the holiday, and everyone else soon to be on their way, poker isn’t really in the cards tonight.  It’s in our hearts.  (See what I did there?  That was at least a triple pun.  Judge Lourie eat your heart out.)
Yes, on the day of thanks let us be grateful for another year of friendship and camaraderie, a chance to meet new colleagues and stay in touch with the old ones, and at $10 an evening, the cheapest source of entertainment in DC.  But our weekly poker gathering is about so much more than mocking Dolin and taking Damon’s money.  It’s also about mocking Damon and taking Dolin’s money.
Even as a vegetarian, I still love the fact that on one day a year, everyone in this country, coastal and heartland, rich and poor, eats basically the same meal for basically the same reasons.  It’s like Michael raised “America,” and just once, everyone called it. (“America” is a bet of $1.60, consisting of one red, one white, and one blue chip.)
Safe travels everyone, and we will see you all next week.

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