Leap Poker

Tonight is the first ever, and quite possibly only ever, LEAP POKER!

I had a moment of epiphany the other day when I realized that this was a leap year, and my first thought was: that gives me an extra day of billing.  My mind was fixated on the fact that my billing quota for the year is the same but I have an extra day in which to bill hours towards that quota.  What the hell is wrong with my priorities?  Life just gave me a bonus day, and I want to spend it workin’ for the man?  No!

So all you billing machines, get out of the office and splash through some puddles!  Go to a two hour lunch!  Shop online from your computer and read internet comic strips all day!  And all you current clerks, take a moment to appreciate that you get to spend one extra day in the greatest job you will ever have.  Embrace it by actually reading all the cases cited in the briefs and taking time to think about the law while you still have the chance.*

In celebration of Leap Day, we will be playing “leap poker,” also known as “Omaha,” or “high-low.”  That means that the player with the worst hand can “leap” over the player with the best hand and win it all.  It’s crazy, and confusing, and it only happens once every four years.  If you don’t know how to play poker, this is your night, because everyone will be on equal footing, and being bad might actually be the best strategy.  Pocket Dolins—time to shine!

It seems like an 8:30 start time is what people like these days, but RSVP to let me know otherwise, and feel free to arrive in advance of the start time, that way we can actually start at the start time, since we have been calling it quits early (midnight) these days as well.

*Unless I wrote the brief, in which case DON’T read the cases cited, just assume that they say what I want them to say.

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