The wrlod is all meixd up.  Wnietr was lkie srpnigtmie, tehn sirnpg bcemae clod.  Btoiehcnoogly was a piravte scoetr idnsutry, and now it is petnat inleiglibe.  Hpitsers hvae docisvered my foravite “oscubre” ratesuanrt and foclekd to it, dotserying its ocsubrity. Gdooamn wno’t be at peokr baeucse he has woemn fwnanig oevr him all weke.  Ntohnig meaks snsee aynmroe.

But pkeor geos on if trhee is ietnerst.  Satrt tmie 7:30ihs.  Smae huose, birng bzooe.

Paelse palese RVSP!


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