My Boyfriend Who Lives in Canada Poker

So I have a boyfriend.  I swear I do.  He just doesn’t like poker all that much (hey, nobody’s perfect).  Nor does he like Federal Circuit cocktail receptions hosted by ass-kissing law firms (who can blame him there).  Nor will he visit any establishment that permits the presence of Greg Dolin (again, totally reasonable).
As a result, Dolin is convinced that I don’t actually have a boyfriend and I just fabricated one to make myself look less pathetic.  And as it turns out, tonight will be the last poker that Dolin can attend (uninvited) for the next couple months or so.  And as it also happens, Boyfriend has an architectural proposal presentation tonight and will not be around to prove his existence.  So the rumor perpetuates, that I have a magical fictitious boyfriend who lives in Canada.  His name is Art Vandalay, and he is an architect.
But enough about me, this is really about Dolin, who is going to crawl off somewhere and hide until the police call off the search.  I guess his “I’m not a Peeping Tom, because my name is Greg” defense didn’t work.  So get in your mocking and take his money while the getting is good.  [—–], start time 8pm, please RSVP, because Dolin will undoubtedly text me at 4pm to ask who is coming, and if I don’t name names, then he will text each of you.  And you don’t want that.

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