Liar’s Poker

We have, from time to time, attempted to play other games on Wednesday night, in order to accommodate those of us that are not all too fond of poker.  We will attempt such a non-poker game night… next week.  This week we will have a regular poker, but to get you in the mood for branching out to other games, this week’s poker email features one of the many fun non-poker games we will be playing next week:  Spot the lie.  All of the following sentences are true, except one.  Find the lie.  Using Google would be cheating.  RSVP for poker with your guess and I will tell you which is the false factoid.

  1. Napolean Bonaparte was not short.He was actually above average height for a Frenchman of his time.
  2. Benito Mussolini did not make the trains run on time.Although a few major railroad improvement projects took place before he came to power, the trains were no more timely during his tenure than at any other time in Italian history.
  3. JFK’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” gaffe is actually perfect German for “I am a man of Berlin.”  It has nothing to do with doughnuts.
  4. There is no law or regulation requiring police or narcotics officers to identify themselves as such if asked.
  5. Most of the alcohol in wine or beer does not evaporate when using them in cooking.
  6. “Sushi” means “sour rice,” and refers to any dish of vinegared sticky rice and toppings.  It does not refer to raw fish.
  7. Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet, but the word “crap” does not originate from his name.It was a latin derivation used to refer to feces since long before Crapper rose to fame.  The fact that his last name was so comically related to his invention was a total coincidence.
  8. Glass is a supercooled liquid.Although it appears to be solid, it will actually flow slowly over many years.
  9. Police code 420 designates a “juvenile disturbance” and can refer to any number of teen offenses such as fights, vandalism, loitering, etc.It has nothing to do with marijuana.
  10. A black hole has a weaker gravitational pull than whatever object (e.g. star) collapsed to form it.
  11. Bats are not blind. Although some bats use echolocation to find prey at night, all bats have eyes and can see.
  12. Poker tonight will be at the Craven/Gregory house.[——–].  Start time 8pm.  They have an awesome pet roomba that is much less invasive and allergenic than my giant dogs.

Housewarming Poker

Tonight’s poker will be hosted by the wonderful Craven/Gregory duo in their brand spankin new house.  It’s just up the street from [——], at [———].  If you are arriving on time, i.e. 8pm, look for the gleaming clean quiet stately home on [—-] row.  If you are arriving late, i.e. after softball, look for the animal house with drunken clerks hanging screaming out the window.  If you are arriving really late, i.e. after your firm is done sucking the life out of you for the day, look for the hole of destruction surrounded by a young weeping couple and an apathetic police squadron.  Please RSVP so Sarah knows how many pairs of shoes will be lining her foyer.  Bring booze or snacks or some sort of housewarming gift.