Housewarming Poker

Tonight’s poker will be hosted by the wonderful Craven/Gregory duo in their brand spankin new house.  It’s just up the street from [——], at [———].  If you are arriving on time, i.e. 8pm, look for the gleaming clean quiet stately home on [—-] row.  If you are arriving late, i.e. after softball, look for the animal house with drunken clerks hanging screaming out the window.  If you are arriving really late, i.e. after your firm is done sucking the life out of you for the day, look for the hole of destruction surrounded by a young weeping couple and an apathetic police squadron.  Please RSVP so Sarah knows how many pairs of shoes will be lining her foyer.  Bring booze or snacks or some sort of housewarming gift.


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