MEME Poker


Climate Control Poker

It’s been a full two weeks since our last poker, during which time I have either been sweating miserably outside in an epiculous heat wave, or shivering in my office in a bulky sweater and scarf, warming my little typing fingers on cup after cup of herbal tea.  Why is it that commercial spaces insist upon hypothermic air conditioning temperatures?  When I exit those revolving doors in the lobby and breath a sigh of relief that I can finally feel my toes in the 104 degree F 97% humidity of this hellswamp, something is wrong with civilization.
So this I pledge to you, the ambient temperature of [——-] will be exactly 72 degrees F, all night, tonight.  Perfect poker temperature.  The beer will be served in coozys at exactly 40 degrees F.  Perfect serving temperature for lagers and pilsners.  The snacks will also be appropriately temperature regulated and insulated to ensure maximum flavor achievement.  We have the technology.  We can do this.
Start time 8pm.  Please RSVP so I can pre-adjust the climate control for exactly the number of bodies that will be in the dining room.