Silver Fox Poker

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It is no mystery; it is no controversy; I love Judge Plager.  And being away from the court has only heightened my fandom.  For most of you that were not in 201 this morning, let me tell you, the Silver Fox was ON FIRE today.  Puns that would make Judge Lourie furious with envy, zingers that humbled even the douchiest of counsel, it was like Sean Connery and Columbo merged into a single scintillating geriatric wonderman.
It was the bright spot in what is otherwise a gross and miserable day.  The federal government is closed, schools are closed, many local establishments are closed too.  What do you call the weather we are having?  It’s kinda cold, kinda windy, kinda raining, kinda snowing for a bit, kinda slushy at times.  Basically, the meterological name for this weather is “shitty.”  It’s not an actual weather “event,” like a stow storm or a hurricane, that might justify sane people mobbing Safeway last night and boarding themselves in their houses this morning.  There was simply the general consensus that today was going to be a shitty day and our entire nation’s capitol just said “fuck it I’m not getting dressed.”
Except, of course, the Federal Circuit.  Which is why Judge Rader had the opportunity to pwn Matt Dowd for the entertainment of the entire population of some south Asian country.  And it was also why the Silver Fox had the opportunity to pwn a dawdling advocate that was taking forever to set up his notecards, “counsel, it’s snowing outside, what the hell are you doing?” (I’m paraphrasing, but it really was that awesome.)  Most 83-year old men complain about shitty weather because it makes their trick knee ache and their lower back lock up.  Judge Plager doesn’t like it because it means his afternoon 5k run isn’t as pleasant.
Ok enough gushing.  POKER.  What’s happening?  8pm, [——-], $10 buy-in, cash game, cash-out whenever you want, bring booze, bring snacks, bring your favorite Judge Plager stories, RSVP, RSVP, RSVP now.

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