Law Day Poker

May 1st was once May Day, an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival, which is still celebrated as a public holiday (everywhere in the “western” world but here).  May Day is rooted in the Celtic festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night.  According to wikipedia, “it has traditionally been an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations.”

In the United States, May Day was celebrated by early European settlers by making May Baskets. These were small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rang the bell and ran away. The person receiving the basket tried to catch the fleeing giver. If they caught the person, they kissed.

During the Cold War, May Day celebrations fell out of favor due to its association with the USSR (and Dolin).  Now May 1 is recognized in the U.S. as Law Day.  Law Day was invented by President Eisenhower to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society.  Observance of Law Day was enacted as Public Law 87-20 on April 7, 1961, and is codified at 36 U.S.C. § 113, which states, in relevant part:

Law Day, U.S.A., is a special day of celebration by the people of the United States—

(1) in appreciation of their liberties and the reaffirmation of their loyalty to the United States and of their rededication to the ideals of equality and justice under law in their relations with each other and with other countries; and

(2) for the cultivation of the respect for law that is so vital to the democratic way of life.

36 U.S.C. § 113(b).

In addition to requiring that American flags be displayed on all Government buildings on Law Day, § 113(c) invites the people of the United Sates to observe Law Day “with appropriate ceremonies and in other appropriate ways.”  35 U.S.C. § 113(c)(2).

Such as poker.  Be it therefore resolved, the Federal Circuit clerk community will celebrate Law Day by gathering at [——-] for the ceremonial playing of poker.  You must RSVP and bring booze.  Or the communists win.

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