Diabetes Poker

We have a special treat for all you poker players tonight.  I have a big bag of Cheryl’s confections chock full of sugar and probably crack that is sure to turbo charge a bunch of waify patent nerds.  If you have never had a Cheryl’s confection, it is like a cookie and a cupcake made a love baby after a night of hot buttery passion, and then fed that love baby nothing but sugar.  Remember when Elaine from Seinfeld wanted a store that sold only muffin tops?  Well somebody named Cheryl did that with cupcake tops.  And if I eat all of them myfatself all I won’t be able to climb up on my horse or do pilates ever again.  Honestly, the pilates I won’t really miss, but the horse was damn expensive.
So come tonight to [——] at 8pm for poker and experience the true indulgence of cookie-cupcake intermarriage.  Please RSVP so I can buy enough chocolate milk to wash down those insulin sponges.

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