Horseshit Poker

This is coming at you all late because I have been speed pushing text all morning so I can get out of this office. I have to leave work early to go to a lecture on horse manure.  No, that’s not a euphemism for an appellate brief writing seminar, I am literally going to a class at a barn to learn about horse poo.  Unlike other kinds of animals, horses are not capable of throwing up, and they do not communicate internal discomfort to their caregivers.  So looking at the quantitative and qualitative properties of their poo is the only way to tell whether they are about to keel over and die.  Meaning that there is an entire profession of people–other than judicial clerks–that make a living by analyzing horseshit.  I must learn from them.
How about we aim for poker at 9pm?  I know that’s late for some of you, but I will be getting home late and will likely need to shower following this hands-on learning experience.  RSVP so we know that the time change will still command quorum.  If you’ve never been to [—–] before, you should be able to find it easily tonight.  Just follow your nose.

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