Women’s Poker

I, and everyone at my firm, was proud and pleased to be listed among the top 50 firms for women of 2013.  You can check out the listing on above-the-law an other such reputable news sources.  There are actually a couple different competing lists out there, using different metrics.  One list measures by most women partners, one for highest paid women, and the rest are for flex-time, work-life-balance, and maternity policies.  So in a burst of team spirit and high morale, I went researching the lists and metrics to see how well my firm fared.  Very good on the life balance part.  OK on the partnership part, not so much on the pay.  So who are the firms that pay their women the most?  The same firms that pay all their attorneys the most.  Who had the most women partners?  The firms with the most partners.  Who had the best mother-family accommodations? The firms with the best work-life balance overall.
Sometimes I feel like the biglaw community is hoodwinking me into seeing issues where there are none.  Women can still be paid less then their male counterparts, but as long as they are paid more than women at other firms, they give out awards?  McDonald’s feeds and employs more women than any other food service establishment, should McDonald’s get recognition for its superior service to women?
Poker tonight will be the best poker for women.  It will be held at [——–], which is the Federal Circuit-affiliated house where the most women live.  $10 buy-in for women, and women can buy-in as many times as they want.  Women will also have a variety of beverages and snacks to choose from.  Granted all of these things apply even more so to men, but that doesn’t make anything I said less true.  Just more lawyerly.

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