Fantasy Poker

In a room full of blind men, the one-eyed man is king.
That is how I felt during the first meeting of my all-ladies fantasy football league, in which we picked our draft order and chose team names, etc.  I was quite intimidated at first of the prospect of doing fantasy football, because although I enjoy football, I don’t really follow it enough to know the players of all the different teams, etc.  I also didn’t know anything about how fantasy football works.  Enter imaginary boyfriend who lives in Canada.*
Boyfriend is the world’s greatest football patron (Giants fan) and mega fantasy football nerd.  We hosted his fantasy draft at our house, which I decided to watch in preparation for my draft, which is not until Sept. 1st.  Observing a room full of sweating, white-knuckle sports geeks yelling incomprehensible things at computer screens while stuffing their faces with chips and beer was enough to give me the general gist of how this works.
And apparently the general gist is all I needed to be 100% more informed than everyone else at the ladies fantasy football summit.  As such, I took charge of the meeting and fielded such questions as “does it have to be competitive or can we all be the same team?” and “do I have to do something on the computer every week?” and “how do I know if my player gets hurt?” and “what is a running back?”
I think this is going to be an interesting draft.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pick?
This also gives me an idea for adding a new dimension to poker.  We could have fantasy poker, and draft different players and come up with a point score based on winning hands.  Everytime Neal wins a hand with a flush = 3 points.  Every time Neal loses a hand with a Han-non flush = -1 point.  Every time Dolin wins with a 2-7 off suit = 5 points, but lets face it, he’s probably on your “do not draft” list.  We can go over more point values and drafting logistics at poker tonight.  Let’s try for a very early 7:30 start time.  Lately old married people want to leave early, so let’s see if an earlier start could give us more playing time.  [———-], bring booze, and any helpful football knowledge.
*Not imaginary and does not live in Canada.

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