Poker and Non-poker

It occurs to me that we have not had a non-poker game night in a very long time.  In preparation for aflak attack, we should have at least one game night.  That way when I’m chatting with clerks who don’t know me, and they have the moment of realization: “oh you’re the one who sends mass emails every week!  It’s very. . . interesting. . . to finally meet you.”  To which I reply, “oh you should come to poker sometime.”  And they always say, “oh I don’t really play poker.”  And I say, “Neither do we, hahaha, but seriously we have non-poker game nights sometimes.”1  And they say “oh I would totally come to that.”2

But this year will be different, because this year the conversation will continue and I will say “HA! We just HAD a non-poker game night and you weren’t there.”  And they will say “Well it was nice to meet you, will you please excuse me for a moment?”  And then I will never see them again.

So let’s have poker this week, so as to comport with expectations, and NEXT WEEK we will for real have a non-poker game night, featuring Head’s Up or Bananagrams or Taboo, or Settlers of Catan, or some other fun game depending on how many players we have and what people bring.  Mark your outlook calendars or tell Siri to remind you that “man-hooker gay might” is next week.  Non-poker game night typically does not involve money, but still involves snacks and booze.  The regulars are pretty friendly,3 but if you are new to the court and you want to bring your own friend/co-clerk, so you can guarantee that you know someone there, that is allowed.

For instance, I will probably need to bring Imaginary4 Canadian5 Boyfriend6 to the next poker or game night that Dolin shows up to (uninvited) just to put him to the final Rajec test.  Meaning that elite non-clerk guests are also allowed.  The place is [——–].  The time is before 8pm.  The buy-in is $10.  The booze of choice is bubbly.  RSVP.

(1) Mostly false.
(2) Entirely false.
(3) If by “friendly” you mean loud and abusive.
(4) Not imaginary—real
(5) Not Canadian—DC-ian
(6) Not boyfriend—upgraded to fiancé J

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