Poker in the Turkey Hole

So we all know that I hate CNN.  Unless you are new on this list, in which case, know this:  I hate CNN.  Yet due to the powerful force of habit, or the lack of a better news resource that I can access from my heavily censored work computer, I still check the headlines every morning on  On Monday that sorry rumor rag ran as its top headline: “Deadly Storm Approaching the Northeast Will Prevent You From Traveling Home For Thanksgiving or Seeing Your Family Ever Again!!!”  Needless to say this trumped-up bullshit inspired panic in my mother who thought we should leave Tuesday morning, and drive through the rain, in order to guarantee we would be home with enough time to help all the non-vegetarians prepare turkey.  Apparently everyone else in DC was also watching CNN because we sat in traffic for two additional hours.

But it was totally worth it because it allowed me to have this conversation with my mother:

Mom: I’m not going to put any turkey bits in the stuffing this year so you can eat it.  Me:  oh, cool, thanks.  Are you going to bake it in the oven still?  will there be room?  Mom:  it’s a 20 lb turkey, there is plenty of room inside it for all the stuffing.  Me: Mom, you have to put it in a separate baking dish.  It’s not vegetarian if it’s stuffed inside meat.  Mom:  it’s not stuffing unless it’s stuffed inside something.  Now it’s not good enough for you for food to be meat free, it also has to be a meat virgin?  It’s like feeding the craken…

But I digress.  The moral of the story is that I’m in New Jersey and not around to host poker, and my guess is that many others may be out of town or hosting family at this point.  Which makes the importance of a timely and accurate RSVP all the more important for Neal and Jen, our gracious hosts this evening.  In case you don’t recall from last week, they live at [——-] in Columbia Heights.  They would like to see people showing up around 8pm.  My understanding it that they have fun backup plans for anyone interested in socializing, even if there is not sufficient poker quorum.  So don’t be shy!

And for tomorrow, whether you are traveling to your hometown for a big family gathering, or enjoying a quiet dinner on your own terms, take a moment to fully savor the one meal a year where we Americans stop thinking about what we want, and focus instead on being happy about what we already have.

Doorbuster sales start at 8pm Thanksgiving Day.

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