Snow Poker

I love snow.  When you live in a place like DC—that hardly gets any snow and when it finally does everybody gets the day off to play—who doesn’t LOVE snow?  My dog is convinced that snow gives him superpowers that enable him to run really fast and jump a lot.  Snow days also inspire the housebound to start overly-ambitious domestic projects.

Like when Imaginary Fiancé* suggested we use our newfound free time to reorganize our closets.  I was quite impressed with the suggestion, and admittedly my closet needed some intervention, so I agreed.  Now I’m not trying to make this a claim construction issue, but I think the plain and ordinary meaning of “reorganize” in the context of a closet is to move shit around, and maybe get rid of a few things that don’t fit anymore.  Apparently, however, that word was being used as a term of art by an architect who didn’t tell me he intended to be his own lexicographer.  I was about to explain to him that under this fact pattern the plain meaning should control, but it was too late.  He had already started ripping out walls.

You see, his proposed construction of “reorganize” was to rip out the entire wall in which the closet was built, and redesign and build a new larger closet, with elaborate built-in shelves, drawers, and multiple hanging racks, and then rebuild the rest of the wall which totally didn’t need to be completely ripped out in the first place.  Ya know, just to give us something to do on a snowy afternoon.  Next time, let’s just play Settlers of Catan…

The closets are making great progress, and I’m sure when the sawdust settles it will be magnificent.  Until then the house looks like the body-strewn rubble of a drywall city in the aftermath of an epic battle between clothes and power tools.

Relatedly, poker tonight will be hosted by the lovely Chris Gregory and Sarah Craven.  They promise not to pelt you with snowballs when you arrive.  They live at [——–].  Easy walk from [——] metro and all the sidewalks are shoveled and there should even be parking available.  If you have troubles, call them at [———].  Start time 8pm.  Please RSVP (you can still just reply to this email) so I know how much hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps to bring.

*For new people, I actually have a fiancé.  He is totally not just in my imagination. Who are you going to believe, Dolin?**

**Don’t talk to Dolin.


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