Ash Poker

DC is about to join the league of extraordinarily mellow gentlemen states, as the DC counsel yesterday voted to decriminalize most situations involving marijuana.  Yay!  Mayor Gray has expressed his intention to sign the bill, and then the bill sits on a futon for 30 days and thinks about how awesome it is that the planets move an you can’t even feel it I mean think about it man and then it becomes a law!

So in celebration of this amazing advance in society, in conjunction with it being Ash Wednesday, there will be ashes and smoke at poker.  We have a hookah, so we are not jumping the gun on legality, but it’s still all part of the theme.

And keeping with the meta-theme of extremely tenuous themes, and in compliance with a request to work the following news story into a poker email, tonight’s poker also celebrates the newfound possibility of gettin’ gay-hitched in Texas: Marys getting Married fits the theme about smoking pot on a major Christian holiday, because the bible says that when a  man lies with another man, he should be stoned.

See?  It all fits together.  And Greg Dolin is not invited, because Dolin is never invited, which brings me to the following link that Sarah Rajec sent me in response to Guthrie Poker: Apparently, trying to un-invite Greg Dolin from social events is #11 of the top awkward email situations affecting all of humanity throughout the history of modern civilization.

As the priests say on this most somber of holy days, remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.  So enjoy this life while it lasts!  Frolic into [——–] at 8pm, bring booze, bring weed, bring significant others from any the 50 genders recognized on facebook, it’s all good!

And RSVP in a timely fashion because I can’t make it tonight and need to get Goodman set up with hosting “duties” and give him enough lead time to stop laughing at the word “duty” before people arrive.  This is my life.


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