Well another major event in the development of what has long been recognized as a pervasive inappropriateness in the intellectual property community has finally come to pass.  I knew there would be drama, and the Federal Circuit would eventually get involved, but I didn’t think they would actually bring out the ax full stop.

But they did.  The PTO actually canceled the Redskins’ trademarks.  The words, the logos, the whole franchise is free to copy.  Pending appeal, of course.  Not that I ever really respect intellectual property in my poker emails, but I was tempted to put all sorts of Redskins imagery below to tarnish and dilute these vulnerable marks out of spite. But then I remembered that those logos suck.*  Sorry if you were a ’Skins fan, but you’re not going to be anymore.  Either because you found a DECENT team to root for, or because your team gets a new name.

I am a Giant’s fan (by marriage) (seriously, it was in my vows), however, so therefore I really am in no position to be mocking anyone.  You know your team is disappointing (and you are a hopeless nerd) when you resort to trademark law to take a dig at other teams…

But I digress.  Poker!  Let’s do that.  How about 8pm at [——-].  We have air conditioning this week so it will be a lovely and luxurious experience.  Please RSVP because it is super important and I said please.

*Also, Goodman is a Native American.  (Seriously, he is a member of the Creek tribe and his family lives on a Choctaw reservation in Oklahoma).  He was not part of the proceeding to cancel the names, but let’s all think of a disparaging slur to call him every time he raises “America.”**  Just because.

** “America” is a bet of $1.60.  You should come to poker and learn these things. It will improve your life in almost unobservable ways.  Almost.

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