Anorexic Polar Bear Poker

As many of you know, I periodically foster sick and unruly dogs for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and they are often very large.  Remember when one of them tried to eat Jen’s shitpadoodle or whatever kind of dog Madison (Place) is?  Though, in fairness, the little dog does look kind of like a snack.

Right now we have a very tall Great Pyrenees.  He is Name is Thor.  He looks like a polar bear.  And although he should weigh well over 100 pounds, he is only 85 because is anorexic.  Seriously, that is actually a thing.  It is not the same disorder as anorexia nervosa in humans, although both involve being too skinny and not eating and clumps of your hair falling out.

So I have spent the past three days sitting on my kitchen floor trying to spoon-feed cans of puppy food into Thor’s giant head, and stuff bacon into his jowls.  A dog that won’t eat bacon just does not want to live.

So I would appreciate blowing off some steam playing poker.  Thor is friendly, come say hi to him!  Aside from his anorexia, he is a pleasant and well-mannered behemoth.  He will probably be outside or in his crate for most of the evening.  [———].  Start time 8pm.

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