Poker Like an Adult

My current living situation is a strange amalgamation of adulthood and adolescence.  I’m married, and I own my house, which is very adult of me.  But I live with a bunch of roommates who keep me in a perpetual world of college-esque hijinx.

For example, this morning I came downstairs to feed my dog and go to work (adult of me) and found some random chick sitting in my kitchen (college-esque hijinx).  I was the last resident to leave the house this morning, so I didn’t expect to see anyone just hanging out.  “Hello?” I guessed.  “Oh, hello,” she replied, and shook my hand, “my name is Ling.”  So I continued, “my name is Kristina.  I live here. . . what about you?  Are you waiting for someone?”  “Nice to meet you,” she said.  And sat down.  And drank some tea at my kitchen table.  I couldn’t tell if she was being deliberately nonresponsive or if there was a language barrier, but I was running pretty late so I just rolled with it.  “So…I’m going to work now,”  I told her.  “Have a happy day,” she responded.

So I left her there.  She seemed less confused than I was, which somehow commanded deference.  As I was walking to work, I wondered if I just left a crazy person alone in my house, or if maybe I was going crazy.  At which point I got a text from one of the roommates: “hey roomies soooo sorry I forgot to mention this but we have a foreign exchange student staying for a while hope that’s ok.”  Ah.  There is a rational explanation for why sometimes there are strangers drinking tea in my house.  Well, rational in the world of college-esque hijinx.

But just to be safe, in case “foreign exchange student” is a clever cover for Chinese-intelligence-assassin, we should have poker somewhere more adult and less college-esque than my place.  Amazingly enough, that place somehow turned out to be Goodman’s.  I know, I just got that strange vertigo feeling too.  [———-].  Start time 8pm.  RSVP like an adult.  Bring some drink that adults drink, like a gin rickey, that’s what my grandmother used to drink.  Now I’m going to eat lunch at my desk like an adult.  What do adults eat?  Like, salad?


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