Fresh Poker of Bel-law

Now this is a story all about how
The law got flip-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just shelter-in-place
I’ll tell you how the Fed. Cir. got bench-slapped in the face.

Near West Farragut is a Court of Appeals
De novo is how they kicked most of their deals
Browsin through records stacked up to their necks
And construing some tough terms outside the specs
When a couple drug dealers couldn’t stand to be dissed
Struck back against the capriciousness
The high-nine stepped in with their ultimate fix:
They said “you’ve done everything wrong since 1996.”

My hearing prep is chaos now with Teva’s switch,
My constructions are fly but the judge is a little bitch.
I wrote a thousand page report and my expert is the shit
But I thought man, forget it, keep facts out of it.

Poker at [——-]’s house is starting at eight
Hit me back and say if you’re gonna be late
Don’t expect deference if your error is clear
Buy-in is ten bucks and you better bring beer.